Apache Trains Employees to Spot Signs of Human Trafficking


An estimated 40 million adults and children are enslaved across the world today as victims of human trafficking. Apache works with Truckers Against Trafficking, a non-profit organization dedicated to training industry workers, not just truckers, to identify and prevent modern day slavery, empowering individuals to act if needed.

“In our operating areas across Texas and New Mexico, we have proactively informed employees, contractors and suppliers of the resources available that describe trafficking behaviors to watch for and highlighted ways they can report and help prevent it,” said Ryan Jones, director of Onshore Health & Safety in the U.S.

Signs of trafficking can include large, nighttime groups of unaccompanied minors without reasonable explanation, signs of unusual wealth without explanation, and workers residing in their place of business.

Through awareness campaigns and education, and by partnering with advocacy groups, energy industry workers have made thousands of calls into the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline, as well as to local law enforcement, resulting in the recovery of hundreds of victims.

“Apache is an active member of the Oil and Gas Trafficking Awareness Group , which works to bring awareness and prevent sex and labor trafficking in the U. S. and abroad,” said Castlen Kennedy, vice president, Corporate Communications & Public Affairs. “Comprised of numerous oil and gas companies, the group meets regularly to discuss prevention and awareness topics and how the energy industry can help end trafficking to protect lives and make the communities in which we live and work safer; this is something that we take very seriously.”

At Apache, we support the honest, fair and dignified treatment of all human beings, and this respect for human rights is at the core of our values and operations. To combat human trafficking, we stand together with our communities and peers to make a difference for those exploited in our society.