Supplier Expectations

Our global supply chain team procures materials and services from sources that provide the most competitive offers and that mitigate supply risk, subject to applicable legal, operational, or policy restrictions or requirements.

Suppliers are required to attest to the Supplier Code of Conduct. Our contractors, suppliers and manufacturers must meet our basic expectations of doing business related to human rights, health and safety, labor, business integrity, ethical practices, and intellectual property management. These standards are based on well-respected and recognized international standards, including the International Labor Organization, United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and industry best practices.

What We Look for in Suppliers

  • Safe and Environmentally Responsible – We are committed to providing a safe and environmentally responsible workplace, and we expect our suppliers to maintain the highest level of safety and environmental stewardship.
  • Quality – We set high quality and performance standards for ourselves in all we do and require the same from our suppliers.
  • Customer Focus – We aim to work with suppliers that deliver excellent customer service.
  • Cost Management – We prioritize suppliers that consistently provide cost effective solutions and operate efficiently.
  • Continuous Improvement – We want to engage with suppliers that continuously innovate and enhance their products and services.

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