Our Focus on Sustainability

We believe energy underpins human progress, and we want to be a part of the conversation and solution as society works to meet growing global demand for reliable and affordable energy.

As we work to help meet global energy needs, we are focused on developing innovative and more sustainable ways to operate. We want to be a partner to the communities where we live and work and deliver shared value for all of our stakeholders.

2023 Sustainability Report Highlights

CEO Letter

Our approach to sustainability.


Quick Summary

Highlights of the Sustainability Report


Human Progress

The energy we produce helps fuel human progress.



We are committed to reducing emissions across our operations.



We seek to minimize fresh water use and protect water quality.



We are committed to treating people and local communities with dignity and respect.


Enabling Human Progress

Today, the world faces an energy trilemma: to achieve energy security, reduce emissions and sustainably meet rising energy demand. We believe society can accomplish all three, and we strive to meet those challenges while creating value for all our stakeholders. 

Our primary product is energy, and where there is affordable, abundant energy, people are healthier, have access to better education, and are given greater opportunities to elevate their families to higher standards of living.

For many of us, energy sustains a healthy, vibrant lifestyle we already know. But for billions, new opportunities await as one day they will — for the first time — flip on a light switch or cook dinner without harmful fumes. About 3 billion people — roughly one-third of the planet — live in energy poverty. According to the International Energy Agency, more than 700 million people lack access to electricity, and about 2.6 billion don’t have clean cooking fuels, relying instead on wood, dung and other fuels that have high emissions and negative health impacts.

The energy products we deliver power increasingly cleaner electricity across the globe, fuel tractors and trucks, make fertilizer to keep the world’s food supply on the table, and heat our schools, hospitals and businesses.

Natural gas is critical to tackling the climate challenge as developing countries move away from coal and expand access to electricity for hundreds of millions of people, and as all countries deploy intermittent, renewable energy resources. In the U.S., increased use of clean, abundant natural gas has been the primary factor in reducing CO2 emissions from the power sector to the lowest levels in a generation. Likewise, natural gas liquids and oil will continue to fuel the world’s economy through transportation, manufacturing and products.

The energy we produce is fundamental to human progress and to a healthy planet. Our purpose is to meet the dual challenge head-on.

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