About AIM for ZERO

APA Corporation’s success requires a culture in which every employee is confident that safety and environmental responsibility are valued as much as the entrepreneurial spirit and the growth of the bottom line.

It requires a culture in which every employee and contractor feels empowered to stay true to our values without fear of repercussion. By doing so, we can be confident in our ability to find the balance necessary to optimize our operations, contain costs, adapt to changing business conditions, strengthen mechanical integrity, be environmentally responsible, and maintain a safe workplace and an aligned workforce.

What is AIM for ZERO?

AIM for ZERO is a companywide initiative to instill a mindset of safety and environmental responsibility in our employees and contractors at all levels. But it’s more than an environment, health and safety (EH&S) program; it’s a way of working and empowering our workforce to do the right thing, regardless of the situation.

AIM for ZERO is about balance – finding the perfect integration of production, safety, and environmental responsibility.

AIM for ZERO presents a way of modifying workers’ and contractors’ behavior at all levels, to raise awareness of and eliminate “at-risk” activities. By changing our behavior and attitude of communicating and executing safety and environmental responsibility, all employees and contractors will be able to take personal responsibility – in other words, “own” – their individual role in APA’s pursuit and achievement of operational excellence.

Methods for
ZERO Incidents

“Z” is our reminder that zero is the goal: zero incidents, zero near misses, zero preventable occurrences and zero fatalities. Zero is achievable. It is a mindset and an absolute belief that production can and must be accomplished safely and environmentally responsibly. Zero is having the right focus for the job at hand, every time, no matter how routine the task may be.

To hit the mark:

I will believe that I can accomplish each and every task I attempt safely and environmentally responsibly. I will believe that successful production is tied to being safe and environmentally responsible and that I have control in producing these outcomes.

I will aim to:

  • Use the stop work authority that has been entrusted to me when I believe it is required.
  • Communicate, whether in person or electronically, to alert others to potential hazards.
  • Act in accordance with organizational values and safety and environmental policies, even when challenged by others.

Empowered Employees and Contractors
“E” reinforces the fact that each of us is empowered and expected to do the right thing – even when no one is watching. AIM for ZERO provides the empowerment and tools we need to ensure that our workplace, whether on land, offshore or within four walls, is a model of safety and environmental responsibility. “E” reminds us that we can stay true to our values without fear of repercussion or reprimand. Each individual has both the power and authority to affect our team and the larger whole.

To hit the mark:

I will take ownership of my work and ensure its safe completion and that it is done with environmental responsibility – task by task.

I will aim to:

  • Do the right thing no matter the situation – whether or not there is a supervisor present.
  • Identify the need for action and take initiative without prompting.
  • Demonstrate pride in my work by signing my name on every task I complete.

Responsibility for Yourself and Others
“R” alerts us to the importance of being responsible – for ourselves and others – especially where health, safety, security, and environmental issues are concerned. Many of the hazards, incidents and accidents we experience are due to nothing more than a lapse in focus. By taking responsibility to communicate any possible safety or environmental hazard and maintain focus on every task, situation and piece of equipment – rather than waiting for someone else to do it – we will do more than just AIM for ZERO; we will consistently achieve it.

To hit the mark:

I will actively participate in the process of identifying and reducing risks for myself and my work group, reporting potential hazards, and keeping the lines of communication open.

Here are some of the ways that we can ensure that we are responsible to those around us and ourselves:

  • I will respect the opinions of my co-workers and contractors as it relates to safety and environmental responsibility, even if they are different than my own.
  • I will voice my concern to any employee, supervisor or contractor if I believe safety or the environment is in any way being compromised.
  • I will work with my peers to make sure that our work product meets, if not exceeds, environmental laws, regulations, permit conditions, and industry best practices.

Operational Excellence
“O” represents our continuous commitment to operational excellence, which links our values and behaviors to the way we do business every day. That way of doing business involves putting safety, compliance, and production on balanced footing within all sectors of our business. Operational excellence is about “embracing the and” while ensuring production, safety, and environmental responsibility are inextricably linked.

To hit the mark:

I will never promise what I cannot deliver and will courageously model our values, knowing I can prioritize safety and environmental responsibility with production and compliance, and do so without fear of repercussion.

I will aim to:

  • Never remove safety from any production decision I make.
  • Consider the environmental impact of the work for which I am responsible.
  • Balance each area of operational excellence, never making decisions without considering the impact on another area.