Health and Safety

APA Health and Safety Quote

The health and safety of our employees, contractors and communities is not negotiable and will not be compromised. Safety underpins our Core Values and is at the forefront of decision-making at every level of the organization. We are committed to driving a safety culture that empowers employees and contractors to act as needed to work safely and to stop the job if conditions are deemed unsafe. We strive to be incident-free every day across our global operations.

The oil and gas industry has a number of inherent risks, and our work teams strive to identify, assess and mitigate risks associated with our operations. At APA Corporation, safety is everyone’s responsibility. Whether during pre-job planning, on-site observations, or post-incident investigations, employees and contractors have a responsibility and obligation to manage risks to help ensure that all workers arrive home safely at the end of their workdays.

We offer a wide range of training programs for employees and contractors to promote their full understanding of, and compliance with, our health and safety policies and programs and to help build the skills needed to work safely. In addition to providing specific skills, these training programs encourage personal responsibility for safe operating conditions and help build a culture of individual accountability for conducting job tasks in a safe and responsible manner.

Our behavior-based safety program AIM for ZERO helps drive continuous improvement at our field and office locations. AIM for ZERO is a companywide initiative to instill a mindset of safety and environmental responsibility in our employees and contractors at all levels. But it’s more than an environment, health and safety (EH&S) program; it’s a way of working and empowering our workforce to do the right thing, regardless of the situation.

To help ensure the ongoing strength and effectiveness of our policies, the board of directors is actively involved in EH&S. We have a suite of EH&S standards and guidelines to ensure responsible operations appropriate to local operating conditions and regulations. At every board meeting, progress against our companywide and operating-area specific EH&S performance goals is assessed.