Health & Safety

Our Response: COVID-19

Our Focus
During these extraordinary times, APA Corporation’s global teams are committed to protecting the health, safety and well-being of our employees, contractors and communities while we continue to safely produce energy to meet the world’s needs. APA Corporation has a long-standing commitment to conduct our business in a way that protects the environment, and we continue to take proactive measures to ensure environmental protection during this time.

Our Team and Operations
We are very thankful for — and proud of — our employees; they have shown true resiliency and demonstrated their impressive talent, determination and commitment to APA Corporation’s Core Values as we have all adjusted to new ways of getting the job done.In early March 2020, we began transitioning our office staff to work from home and implemented new safety protocols for our field staff. At our onshore and offshore operations, we are applying questionnaires and screenings to monitor workers’ health and focusing on business and safety critical work. This includes development and operations work in the U.S., U.K. and Egypt and our exploration offshore Suriname.

Prior to COVID-19, our teams had business continuity plans in place, which have been successfully executed to respond to the current situation. Our Information Technology experts have worked tirelessly to ensure we could swiftly transition to remote work. Our systems are working well, and our personnel have been able to remain connected and keep the business running effectively. We are regularly reviewing our supply chain to identify potential risks and develop strategies to minimize any potential disruptions. For example, in the North Sea, we’ve secured a special helicopter service that can safely remove anyone displaying symptoms consistent with COVID-19 from an offshore platform.

We are monitoring local government directives and recommendations and are preparing plans to return our office staff to their offices in a phased reentry at the appropriate times.

Our Communities
APA Corporation is committed to supporting the communities in which we work and live during this very difficult time. From Midland to Cairo, Houston to Aberdeen, we have looked to address the most critical needs in our community brought on by the pandemic.

  • The Front Lines
    We’ve supported those on the front lines through donations to the Fire Fighters Foundation of Houston and the Texas Organization of Rural Hospitals for the purchase of personal protective equipment. In Egypt, we coordinated with the Ministry of Health to procure medical supplies for hospitals in Cairo. In Suriname, we partnered with Staatsolie, a state-owned oil and gas company, to support the establishment of an intensive care unit to ensure readiness in the case of increased need.
  • Caring for Families
    In Midland, we covered the cost of 1,400 internet hotspots for students who lacked reliable access to internet for distance learning. In Houston, we are helping the Houston Area Women’s Center provide temporary housing for victims of domestic violence at local hotels due to maximum capacity at shelters. We’re also supporting local food banks in Houston, Aberdeen, U.K. and Hobbs, New Mexico provide meals to those in need.

Our Financial Position
APA Corporation is prepared to withstand a protracted period of commodity price weakness and volatility. For related news, financial information and other updates, please see our investor page.