Stakeholder Engagement

Being a good neighbor means taking the time to listen. Each of our communities has its own characteristics and needs. We focus on developing positive relationships by treating those who live and work in these communities with dignity and respect and by listening to their concerns and doing all that we reasonably can to address them.

We maintain regular and open communication with local officials and community leaders to promote friendly and proactive dialogue, and we encourage community members to reach out with issues or concerns. Building these partnerships provides a foundation for positive societal outcomes for our communities and our company.

Our landmen are often the first employees to develop working relationships with surface and mineral owners in a new operating area. They meet with mineral owners to negotiate leases and rights of use and work with surface owners to proactively address issues.

Our Public Affairs and Government Affairs teams conduct regular stakeholder outreach and engagement through meetings, informal conversations and ongoing dialogue with community members. We regularly meet with local emergency responders to ensure clear communication and coordination in the rare event of an incident or issue at one of our locations.

Like any industrial business, we know that our operations create impact especially during times of peak activity. Our guiding principle is always to minimize these impacts as much as possible from the outset. For example, when considering our trucking routes, we thoughtfully coordinate logistics to avoid or minimize issues such as traffic congestion, dust and noise. Our surface reclamation program takes the unique ecology of each region into account.

We also work to reduce our impacts on local roads and communities by fostering safe driving practices among our employees and contractors. We use vehicle monitoring devices to help ensure employees operate vehicles safely on public roadways. In addition, we are using pipelines in place of vehicles to transport oil and gas whenever possible to reduce traffic and impact on roads.

While we aim to proactively address community concerns through our robust stakeholder engagement process, it’s critical that we maintain a formal process for community members to share concerns with us that we document, address and resolve. In addition to calling our Good Neighbor Line, community members can offer feedback, raise concerns or comment by reaching out in-person at our offices, via email, or through social media.

We strive for continuous improvement where we apply lessons learned to avoid related issues across our operations.

APA Good Neighbor Line