Human Rights

Respect for human rights is at the core of APA Corporation’s values and operations. We worked together with our long-term shareholders in a multiyear process to develop the foundation of our Human Rights Principles, which our board of directors formally adopted in 2013.

The principles are consistent with the framework laid out by John Ruggie, the United Nations’ special representative on business and human rights. Aimed at the honest, fair and dignified treatment of all human beings for whom our operations create opportunities, our Human Rights Principles formalize practices already in place throughout our operating areas. In accordance with the principles, our monitoring results are thoroughly assessed and reported annually to the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee of our board.

Three of Apache Corporation’s subsidiaries based in the United Kingdom – Apache North Sea Limited, Apache Beryl I Limited, and Apache North Sea Production Limited – published a statement pursuant to the United Kingdom’s Modern Slavery Act. This law requires certain companies doing business in the United Kingdom to post a statement regarding the steps the company has taken to ensure, as much as reasonably possible, that modern slavery or human trafficking is not taking place within the organization or its supply chain.