Apache Partners with Nonprofit Wataneya Society to Assist Egyptian Orphans


Elevating the well-being of children in Egypt has been central to Apache Corporation’s community engagement in the country. Lack of education, poverty and orphanhood are just some of the challenges faced by many Egyptian children. Numerous organizations are working to help alleviate these challenges and Apache is proud to partner in these efforts.

In 2005, Apache founded Springboard Girls Schools with a mission to educate Egyptian girls living in remote areas who otherwise would not likely have access to education. Since then, more than 200 Springboard schools have been built near our operating areas, and approximately 15,000 girls have learned to read and write.

The company has also sought to help local orphans facing a difficult life path without proper care, guidance or transitional support into adulthood. In 2021, Apache began working alongside the Wataneya Society, a Cairo-based non-profit organization dedicated to providing innovative solutions to orphaned children.

“Our partnership with Apache has allowed us to provide orphans in Egypt with a better future and equal opportunities to lead a successful life. Their support, assistance and volunteers have made an important difference,” said Wataneya Society Deputy CEO Yasmine El Hagry.

Over 100 orphans have directly benefitted from the partnership with Wataneya, which includes the construction of five homes for youth and children. Additionally, Wataneya has implemented career preparedness programs and life skills courses to ensure a smooth transition once the children reach adulthood. The society closely aligns itself with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), promoting quality education, gender equality and good health and well-being, among other SDGs.

“What we value about Apache’s approach to Wataneya children and youth is a genuine interest and follow-up, with reassurance that the goal we are working toward is achieved,” said El Hagry.

Apache employees, via a support committee for orphans, have served as active volunteers with Wataneya, frequently visiting alternative care homes and offering hope to the children. Apache employees are relatable models of success, sparking a renewed sense of purpose in each interaction for both orphan and volunteer.

“The Wataneya Society’s work to alleviate challenges faced by orphans in Egypt has touched countless lives, and we are deeply grateful to partner with an organization with such a significant impact,” said Zain A., Apache Egypt community partnerships supervisor. “As we continue to build upon our long-standing presence in Egypt, we know there will be more opportunities to make a difference.”