Apache Donates Funds for Children’s Coats in Aberdeen


Aberdeen is home to Apache’s offices in the United Kingdom, where winters are cold and rainy with average low temperatures consistently near freezing in January. For a child living in poverty, this can be a particularly difficult time of year.

“Our Winter Coat Appeal aims to provide children with warm clothing to get them through the winter months,” explains Michelle Ferguson, Cash for Kids’ charity manager. “This year we received over 1,900 requests for support, which is a 23% increase from last year. COVID-19 forced us to cancel our fundraising events, and without Apache’s donation, we would have been unable to meet all the appeals for support, leaving many children without needed apparel this winter.”

Apache funded a full set of winter clothing for 460 children in Aberdeen in support of Cash for Kids’ 2020 Winter Coat Appeal.

Jillian Owen, Apache’s Commercial, Communications and Public Affairs manager, explained in an interview with Northsound Radio why Apache was excited to support this local cause. Listen here.

Every £50 received by Cash for Kids’ Winter Coat Appeal pays for a full set of winter clothing for a local child. Cash for Kids, which is facilitated by Northsound Radio, supports children and families with physical or sensory disabilities, as well as those living in poverty or deprivation, throughout Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.


Dec. 2020