Apache’s North Sea Offshore Teams Mark 15-Year Partnership with Aberdeen Cancer Charity

Apache marked a milestone in its 15-year partnership with cancer support centre Maggie’s Aberdeen. This year the offshore workforce in the North Sea reached £1 million in cumulative contributions to the charity.

Apache’s bond committee in the U.K., which manages funds generated by the team through sales of confectionary and other items on the offshore platforms, initially supported the build project for the cancer centre in 2009. The centre supports people and their families in the region who are living with cancer. Apache’s team has made regular donations to support the centre’s important work for the community.

The bond committee’s most recent donation of £30,000 will be used to sustain the benefits advice service. This service supports families facing money worries after a diagnosis and guides them through the assistance programs available from the government.

“Our offshore workforce knows that the money they raise every day on our North Sea platforms is benefitting people in our local communities,” said Jeff Yates, vice president North Sea Asset. “This latest £30,000 donation will have a multiplying affect for people in terms of financial support for them and their families following a cancer diagnosis. It is remarkable. We are delighted that our team has managed to donate more than £1 million to Maggie’s Aberdeen to support this wonderful local charity.”

Around 10,000 people use Maggie’s Aberdeen every year, and this figure is only expected to increase.

“Our partnership with Apache has been an ongoing source of help and inspiration since our inception, and as we embark on our second decade in the city. It is hard to over-estimate how much of a difference the million pounds they alone have given has made to the lives of so many individuals,” said Richard Stewart, centre fundraising manager at Maggie’s Aberdeen. “We offer a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to everyone at Apache for the part they have played in the success of the centre so far and very much look forward to our relationship continuing.”