Annell R. Bay

Age: 68   |   Director Since: May 2014   |   APA Committees: CRG&N, Chair and MD&C   |   Other Public Company Boards: Hunting PLC

Contributions to Our Board

  • With her extensive experience in the global oil and gas industry, Ms. Bay brings critical expertise and oversight of the Company’s strategic exploration and operations projects around the world.
  • Ms. Bay’s relationships with some of the world’s top academic and industry-focused institutions provide APA with rare insight into the latest scientific developments, allowing us to maintain our competitive advantage.
  • As a member of public company boards in two countries with vastly different governance regulatory regimes, Ms. Bay brings unique governance perspective and understanding of emerging best practices to the Board.
  • Having served as Chair of our CRG&N Committee and a member of our MD&C Committee, Ms. Bay has been a driving force behind APA’s approach to sustainability leadership and engagement.

Additional Leadership Experience and Service

  • Advisory board member, Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas at Austin
  • Trustee, Trinity University
  • Former board member of Verisk Analytics, Inc.

Career Highlights

Marathon Oil Corporation, 2008-2014

  • Vice President, Global Exploration
  • Senior Vice President, Exploration

Shell Exploration and Production Company, 2004-2008

  • Vice President, Americas Exploration

Kerr-McGee Oil and Gas Corporation (and Oryx Energy prior to merger), 1988-2004

  • Vice President, Worldwide Exploration
  • Vice President, North America Exploration