John J. Christmann IV

Chief Executive Officer

Age: 57   |   Director Since: January 2015   |   APA Committees: None   |   Other Public Company Boards: None

Contributions to Our Board

  • With more than three decades in the oil and gas industry, including more than 25 years at the Company leading both operational and staff functions and most recently serving as CEO, Mr. Christmann has the proficiency and depth to manage and operate a large-scale oil and gas exploration and production company.
  • Mr. Christmann’s extensive experience in the oil and gas industry has provided him with an in-depth understanding of successful execution and operational management in the field, an appreciation and talent for value-added M&A activity, and the expertise to oversee the strategic direction of a large, publicly traded company.
  • His experience, coupled with his thorough knowledge and understanding of the Company’s assets and unique operations, complement Mr. Christmann’s management strengths and enable him to lead the Company through the complexities of day-to-day operations as well as the macroeconomic impact of commodity prices.

Additional Leadership Experience and Service

  • Board of Visitors, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Career Highlights

APA Corporation, 1997-present

  • Chief Executive Officer, 2024-present
  • Chief Executive Officer and President, 2015-2023
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, North America
  • Region Vice President, Permian Region
  • Vice President, Business Development
  • Production Manager, Gulf Coast Region