Team Apache Tackles Beach Litter on World Ocean Day

Volunteers from Apache’s Aberdeen office succeeded in clearing more than 3.5 tonnes of litter from a beach on the northeast coast of Scotland.

Our employees teamed up with local beach cleaning initiative, Turning the Plastic Tide, to clean up marine litter from Cairnbulg Beach, near the fishing village of Fraserburgh, on World Ocean Day.

The beach is notorious for accumulating litter with more than 15.5 tonnes removed over the past two years.

“Supporting impactful community initiatives is important for Apache as many of our employees live and work in Aberdeen and the surrounding areas,” said U.K. country manager Jillian Owen. “We are delighted to play a small part in tidying up Cairnbulg Beach before the busy summer season. Millions of tonnes of plastic and litter end up in our oceans every year, and we hope our World Ocean Day beach clean is a small step towards helping to keep our stunning Scottish beaches litter-free all year round.”

In addition to the voluntary support, Apache is sponsoring Turning the Plastic Tide for the next year, donating £10,000 towards the campaign. Funds will go towards the project’s work to carry out community and school group beach cleans and contribute to educating students about littering and the impact it can have on our shores and local wildlife.

Jillian Owen added, “The work that the initiative is doing to educate young people about the dangers of littering is essential to safeguarding our beautiful north-east coastlines, not only today but for generations to come. The work they are doing in schools across the region is truly invaluable to protecting our beaches and wildlife in the North Sea and further afield.”