Preserving Water Resources

Water Quick SummaryIn 2021, we achieved our ESG goal tied directly to employee compensation to limit freshwater consumption in the U.S. to less than 20% of total water use.

We recognize fresh water is a precious and limited resource, and we minimize its use by seeking innovative ways to use nonfresh water and by reducing the overall amount of water required for our operations.

We follow comprehensive procedures for safeguarding water quality and for handling produced water responsibly. These efforts are especially important in areas of the U.S. and Egypt that could be considered “water scarce.”

For several years, we have decreased our fresh water consumption, largely by increasing our reuse of produced water, which includes produced water from secondary recovery and hydraulic fracturing operations.

Throughout the life cycle of our operations, there is water that cannot be reused or recycled. We continue to pursue alternatives to the disposal of this excess water through evaporation and treatment of the produced water for alternative uses.