Infrastructure Information

Forties Area

The infrastructure code of practice is a voluntary arrangement developed by Oil & Gas UK in consultation with the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC). Under the arrangement, offshore oil and gas companies have agreed to publish technical and commercial data about the pipelines and facilities that they operate on the United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS) to facilitate the utilization of such infrastructure to develop remaining UKCS reserves.

The field development includes five normally attended fixed steel structures designated Forties Alpha (FA), Forties Bravo (FB), Forties Charlie (FC), Forties Delta (FD) and Forties Echo (FE) and lies in water depths of between 95 and 128 meters approximately 270 kilometers east, northeast of Aberdeen. FA, FC and FD are self-contained drilling, production and processing units, with FB no longer processing fluids but direct exporting fluids to FC for processing. FE has no processing facilities, and so exports its production fluids for processing via the FA platform. FC acts as a gathering platform and is connected to FA by 20” diameter submarine pipeline, FB by a 14” multi-phase production pipeline and FD by an 8” flexible pipeline. Processed fluids are then exported to Cruden Bay and onwards to Kinneil via the Forties Pipeline System (FPS), operated by Ineos FPS Limited. A Forties Alpha Satellite Platform (FASP) was installed in 2013, providing 18 new well slots, additional liquids processing and gas compression capacity for Forties Alpha, and extra power generation for the field. The links below will take you to pages showing the location of infrastructure, technical details and outline commercial terms for the assets on the UKCS where Apache North Sea Limited is an owner.