Energy Access is Essential
to Global Progress

Oil and natural gas are critical to elevating the standard of living for millions around the world, transforming lives by increasing access to electricity, transportation, heat, refrigeration and modern technology. As energy demand increases, APA is committed to providing these natural resources in a responsible manner, working toward ambitious emissions goals over the next few years. Global progress hinges on meeting this dual challenge, with over 750 million people lacking access to electricity and one-third of the global population living without clean cooking fuels and facilities today.

Energy Access
in the Ivory Coast

“In parts of my country, energy access is a tangible
reality — it resonates differently when I put it back into
perspective from [N’Gokro]. Initially, I didn’t make such a
connection, but it’s absolutely fundamental.”

Stéphane Aka

Stéphane Aka, Director of
Suriname Planning

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Energy Transforming Lives
in Eastern India

“It’s astounding to see the change that has taken place in
Ranchi and surrounding areas since my childhood. The
city has made leaps and bounds that were hard to imagine
40 years ago. I think that affordable access to energy plays
a very important role in uplifting people’s lives.”

Rana Roy

Rana Roy, Vice President of Drilling,
Completions and Workovers

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