Positively Contributing to an Evolving Energy Landscape

Oil and Gas: Essential to Modern Life

Access to energy is transformational, with the power to dramatically improve health, eradicate poverty, create opportunities for quality education and spur economic growth. Oil and natural gas in particular have played a substantial role in global progress, providing the energy needed to support economic opportunity as well as raw source materials needed for products that underpin modern-day life, including medical equipment, advanced telecommunications technology and transportation.

Sunset behind oil drill

For the past decade, society has been grappling with the dual challenge of balancing the world’s
increasing demand for energy, including hydrocarbons, with the imperative of reducing GHG
emissions. This challenge has evolved into an even more complicated “energy trilemma,” which
introduces the critical importance of energy security as a key factor to our energy future and
underscores the complex variables and competing demands at play.

Global Progress Energy Trilemma
Trilemma Demand
Trilemma Emissions
Trilemma Security
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