2023 Sustainability Report Videos

The 2023 Sustainability Report includes stories of our company’s approach to, and progress on, sustainability initiatives across the company.
Dive deeper into the highlights of the report and individual perspectives of employees’ experiences at APA through our video collection below.

Sustainability Report
Highlights Video

Join us on a journey through our 2023 Sustainability
Report highlights video, where we showcase our
commitment to responsible energy production. Explore
our initiatives, from emissions reductions efforts to water
recycling programs, all aimed at minimizing our
environmental footprint. This video encapsulates the
essence of our environmental, social and governance

Decommissioning Assets
in the Gulf of Mexico

Managing the full life-cycle of an asset is essential to
the ongoing success of our business and to mitigating
potential impacts on the environment and local
communities. Discover how Julie Traylor, General
Manager – Gulf of Mexico (GOM), plans and leads a
comprehensive asset retirement program in the GOM.

From Intern to Employee:
Accounting Skills Add to
Career in Human Resources

Follow Monique Reyes’ path of growth, learning and
determination as she shares how she went from intern to
Sr. Payroll Analyst at Apache. Hear how she formed bonds
with colleagues that extended beyond the workplace
creating a close-knit professional and personal team.