Daniel W. Rabun

Age: 68   |   Director Since: May 2015   |   APA Committees: Audit, CRG&N   |   Other Public Company Boards: Golar LNG Ltd., ChampionX Corporation, Borr Drilling Ltd.

Contributions to Our Board

  • Rabun’s international experience, global perspective, experience with strategic acquisitions, and financial acumen from having served as a public company’s chair, president, and chief executive officer assist the Board in the assessment and management of risks faced by oil and gas companies.
  • During his tenure, Ensco drilled some of the most complex wells for super majors, national oil companies, and independent operators in nearly every strategic oil and gas area in the world, from the North Sea to the “golden triangle” of the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, and West Africa, and from the Middle East and the Mediterranean to Asia and Australia. This experience allows him to provide valuable perspectives on APA’s global operations across many of the same areas.
  • Rabun’s experience as a director of Golar LNG Ltd. gives him critical insight into the global liquid natural gas business, which is highly beneficial to the Company in its efforts to market natural gas.
  • In addition, Mr. Rabun’s experience as chair of the board of ChampionX Corporation provides APA rare insight into new technologies used to drill and produce oil and gas and to monitor and prevent methane emissions, allowing us to maintain our competitive advantage.

Additional Leadership Experience and Service

  • Former Chair, International Association of Drilling Contractors
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Career Highlights

Ensco p.l.c., 2007-2015

  • Chair
  • President and Chief Executive Officer

Baker & McKenzie LLP, 1986-2005

  • Partner